26 Jul 2011


rider : Takaz,Dzulkeple,Hoho Kecil,Rivand Air, Sandy

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18 Jul 2011

MK Bicycles Custom YK

MK Bicycles is M-KAS or Menyenk Kastem
a place for build/custom bicycles in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

" MK bicycles, we do any kind of bicycles! "

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13 Jul 2011

Coming Soon "Documentary of Cycle Bandidos YK"

Documentary of Cycle Bandidos YK
2011 Yogyakarta
film by Ricky Janitra "baybay"

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jogja gangsta fixed - galih&klawu

he new team with new spirit, we call it "JOGJA GANGSTA FIXED" street where we played on the streets are all free to do on the streets of our thrill seeking

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